Marine Corps Research Papers

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The United States Marine Corps In the Bible it says that the greatest act of love is to lay down one’s life for one’s friend, but most people would never have the courage to do so. “The few, the proud”, the United States Marine Corps, sacrifice themselves for their country each and every day. They give up their peace, prosperity, the people and possessions they love, so the rest of the world doesn’t have to feel the loss that they do. Because the Marine Corps is such an important part of our military, Americans should understand its inception, its integration and introduction of women, its symbolic uniforms, its perilous boot camp, its ranks, its achievements, and its terms. On November 10th, 1775, Continental Congress called for two battalion…show more content…
They have two bases solely dedicated to training, MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot) Parris Island and MCRD San Diego. Parris Island became the first base to be dedicated to training in 1915, residents of the Eastern United States and all women go to Parris Island for boot camp. Residents of the Western United States go to San Diego. Boot camp is completed in three phases. Phase one (weeks 1-4) is the transition from civilian to recruit. The first thing they do when they arrive is recruit receiving; where they get their needed supplies, their haircuts, and their physicals. In the first 4 weeks, they work on things like physical training, martial arts, history classes, and first aid classes. They also learn weapons handling and complete the confidence course (an 11 station obstacle course). In phase one they learn values like honor, courage, and commitment. Phase two (weeks 5-9) is where they develop proficiency and confidence with rifles. They spend time on the field fire range and complete their training and rifle qualifications. The recruits also undergo gas chamber training. Finally, at the end of phase two, they complete the crucible. During the crucible the recruits get 8 hours of sleep during a 54 hour exercise. They are responsible for their own food rationing. The crucible begins at 3 a.m., where they march 40 miles to the site. The march back after the completion begins at 4 a.m. They sing Jody calls (military cadence calls) the entire way back and end at the Iwo JIma memorial. The color guard raises the flag and the chaplain reads a prayer. Then, the sergeant addresses the recruits and shakes their hands. They receive the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor emblem and are finally called marines. After the crucible, phase three starts (weeks 10-13). In phase three they continue their physical training and first aid. They also continue to work on drill (the way platoons move from one place to
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