Marine Corps ( Usmc )

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Would you quit working for something you love if it was just “too hard”? If someone truly believes in a cause then they would give everything to achieve it right? Would you just like to blend in with the crowd or do you want to stick out? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions then you wouldn’t have the characteristics of either a Navy SEAL or Marine. Answering no to all the questions may also not be enough to be either a SEAL or Marine. Not many people know this but Navy SEALs undergo the most rigorous military training known to man. SEAL training is considered harder than any other nation’s Special Forces training. Likewise, the United States Marine Corps (USMC), the most revered branch of the military, also trains hard…show more content…
Most people know SEALs for their ability to initiate lethal direct action strikes equally well from air and land. The first predecessors to the SEALs were in World War II and in Korea, this group of men were made up of (Army) Scouts and (Navy) Raiders; Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs), Office of strategic Services Operational Swimmers, Navy Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs), and Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons. Later the group was disbanded, but the UDTs were continuously used later on in other separate wars. Many of the tactics that were used in WWII are still practiced by Navy SEALs today. These missions included beach and hydro-reconnaissance, explosive cable and net cutting; explosive destruction of underwater obstacles to enable major amphibious landings; submarine operations, and the locating and marking of mines for minesweepers.
The infamous war that the UDTs participated in was the Korean War also known as the “Forgotten War”, in 1960 the North Korean army invaded South Korea. The first detachment to the war from the United States contained eleven men from UDT team three, later as time and the war progressed, three teams were created with a final end strength of 300 men. The men used their demolition expertise, gained from World War II, to their advantage and targeted specified targets such as, bridges and coastal cities. As the war proceeded they developed a close working relationship with the Republic of Korea (ROK)

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