Marine Engineer Was Robert Fulton

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Ships have been around for thousands of years, we used them to conquer other countries, to transport food and people, and for our enjoyment. Every ship that has been made, was unique. The Vikings made ships in different sizes, shapes, and made out of different types of wood. Ships have evolved from a huge row boat, to a steam boat, to a huge engine and with lots of little changes in between. We always need someone to make sure that those ships are running perfect and that it will make it home safe. Those people that work in the ships are called Marine Engineers they are the ones that make sure the ships will make it home. One very important marine engineer was Robert Fulton he was the person who created the steam boat and first to try and put an engine on a boat. Even though we have been making bigger and better ships we still look back at the older ships and how the Marine Engineering began and how our ships have changed.
Boats were made before 4000 BC but most of these boats were rafts, logs of bamboo, bundles of reeds, air filled animal skins tied together to float down the river or any little body of water. The first boat was a hallowed out log that was like a canoe. That was estimated to be made around 8000 BC. The sail boat was made around 4000 BC it was made out little logs tied together with intestine and leaves. They made a sail out of reeds, this boat was called the Egyptian reed boats. By 2500 BC the Egyptians started to make ships bigger and out of wood that
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