Marine Extract Molecules And Their Application Essay

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Marine extract molecules and their application in inhibiting E.coli quorum sensing as a potential antibacterial pharmaceutical Abstract Quorum sensing, or cell to cell communication, is an occurrence that is very widespread amongst pathogenic bacteria which infect the human population. With increased development of bacterial resistance against antibiotics, scientists have taken an anti-bacterial approach to manipulate quorum sensing and impede cell growth and communication. Quorum sensing can be seen in E.coli reporter stains when applying N-acyl-homoserine, also known as AHL, which E.coli cannot otherwise produce. This experiment makes E.coli ideal candidates for experimentation. The E.coli reporter strain has fluorescence abilities which allows us to assess quorum sensing inhibitory activity. Understanding quorum sensing is important in identifying and developing molecules that have the potential to block bacterial biofilm. Introduction Quorum sensing is a system of communication which many bacteria use to convey messages amongst each other. It is also a mechanism which regulates gene expression in said bacteria based on the density of their population. Bacteria are capable of producing and releasing molecules called auto inducers as a direct function of their cell density. These molecules can be used to regulate symbiosis, motility, bacterial biofilm formation, the expression of virulent proteins and various other processes (Bassler, 2001). This type of quorum sensing
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