Marine Genetic Resources And Bioprospecting

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Marine Genetic Resources and Bioprospecting in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction.
Whether Bioprospecting for Marine Genetic Resources in the areas beyond national jurisdiction should be categorised under the common heritage of mankind or freedom of the sea principle.
Within three to four decades, oceanographers and biologists have been able to explore the ocean and its organisms through the aid of advanced technologies for the purpose of discovering useful genetic materials to be extracted and adapted for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and bioremediation industries. However, the method of acquiring such resources requires a lengthy experiment and many expensive equipment therefore few countries with monetary and scientific powers are only capable of gathering the marine genetic resources in the deep ocean.
There are two main international instruments concerning these topics which need to be discussed in details which are the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (the 1982 UNCLOS) and the Convention on Biological Diversity. In the first one, it divides the ocean space into several zones both vertically and horizontally but for the purpose of the matters relating to bioprospecting and marine genetic resources, there are three specific parts of the 1982 UNCLOS relating with the activity of bioprospecting beyond national jurisdiction and the marine genetic resources in particular: the Area (Part XI), the High Seas (Part VII) and Marine Scientific Research…
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