Marine Patrol Policing

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Marine patrol policing has been around for many years patrolling the waterways, it is one of the oldest patrol strategies (Ortmeier 2006, p233). The men and women that protect the rivers, lakes, canals and harbors may go by boat unit, water police, river police, maritime police and the United States Coast Guard. Just as one might see local and state police patrolling the streets and highways the waterways need policing also. They provide access to many ports and inlets that could be used for illegal activity. Some of this illegal activity can range from weapons and drug smuggling to human trafficking. Some of the functions and responsibilities of the Marine Patrol Units include enforcement of boating laws, investigation of boating accidents, drownings, commercial vessel inspections, protection of vital assets and…show more content…
The main goal of this unit is to provide safe use for all boaters of the public waters. The benefits to a marine patrol can decrease boating intoxicated incidents and lessen the possibility of drowning’s. Improve the response time to remote areas that cannot be accessed by car or truck. Decrease in criminal activity in areas located near water and overall increase water safety and public relations. The cons of the marine patrol normally involve critical tactical training curriculums in addition to the regular training required of law enforcement personnel. Sometimes weather condition will not allow patrols to properly police an area or responded when needed increasing response time to calls for service. Having limited funding and the number of qualified law enforcement personnel to operate the vessels and equipment puts a strain on the unit, not to mention their capabilities at night are
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