Marine Protected Areas : A Way Of Increasing Resilience

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Marine Protected Areas: a way of increasing resilience in different scales

The establishment of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) is increasing all around the world (Lubchenco et al, 2003) due to two main reasons: (1) recognition of expanding threats to marine ecosystems; and (2) acknowledgment about the consequences of marine ecosystem break-down to human populations (Roberts et al,2003; Lubchenco et al, 2003). The reality scenario is that people do depend on the ecosystem (Walker & Salt,2006). People depend on the ecosystem directly through exploitation of natural resources but also indirectly through ecosystem services(Walker & Salt,2006; Brown et al, 2001)
There is different categories of interests that can drive to the implementation of a MPA: ecological, social-economics. There are many goals that can be searched in each of this categories. The ecological interests, also known as conservation goals include: biodiversity conservation, conservation of rare or endemic species, maintenance of genetic diversity, maintenance and/or restoration of natural ecosystem functioning at local and regional scale, and conservation of areas vital for vulnerable life stages (Roberts et al, 2003 ). The goals focused in human uses (social-economic) are directed linked with managing fisheries, tourism (recreational and educational), research and fulfilling aesthetic needs (Roberts et al, 2003; McLeod et al, 2008). These cited goals have major consequences in different scales: the goals…
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