Mariner's Influence To European Exploration

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in fifteenth century , the use of lateen ships had been spread , shipbuilder begun to couple them square sail to produce shop that can do two things like maneuverability and against the winds sailing sails these ships were stronger , faster , and more efficient than before. the influence was significant to european exploration to take up longer voyages.the mariner’s astrolabe allowed western civilization sailor to more easily enter and explore unknown territories while they still had knowledge of their status, making exploration of the sea much easier. Furthermore with help of accurate navigation equipment sailor had easier time following the trade route which decreased shipping time and increased profit. By 1500 Europe was imperializing…show more content…
Medici, alum , fugger and mercury played an important role. the rise in prices and rather than trade on the mediterranean but on the atlantic trade The benefits of expansion were widespread and permanent and help the rise of west with gold , silver , precious metal that helped economics because of the riches. access to the ocean provided whale oil , seal oil vitalf or illiomation lubrication another purpose. other resource such as sugar, indigo , tobacco , rice , fur , timber and new plants like the potato and maize are support for growth of economics, later in the years were the flow of gran and meat and cotton.Trade like fisheries provided jobs for many people to empoly, both catching and in dirctributuon, which in future helped the market economy. in conclusion all these factor were part of rise of western civilization with economic laissez-faire, political and military pluralism and technology advancement . All these factor helped western civilization to imperialize and also stand a the great civilization in that time also being open to explore and trade which helped a lot into becoming the greats
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