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The Marines of Montford point. The book I chose to do my book report on is the marines of montford point. This is a true story of the marines of montford point, North Carolina. The first African American segment of the United States marine corps. In this book we find out the struggles they went threw because of the racial barrier as well as the political implications that were going on at the time. This was a very inspiring book and it reminds people of the cost of freedom. Nothing was easy for the black marines. All of the other service branches had allowed African Americans to serve in their ranks. In 1941 president Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order that prevented government agencies from refusing to hire Americans…show more content…
However, men in the ammunition and depot companies saw combat during the amphibious landings on the beaches of Iwo Jima, Saipan, Pelelui and Okinawa. From these experiences, the Montford Point Marines earned the respect of their white counterparts, in spite of the general notion at the time that blacks weren't ready for combat. Even the fact that black Marines were present at the landing on Iwo Jima was suppressed. Steven Robinson comments on how the camera crews turned away when they saw black Marines. He also said we were fighting the war to liberate people who had more liberty than we had." 60 veterans were interviewed threw out this story , so the author gets all of the experiences in their own words. we learn about their reasons for enlisting; their arrival at Montford Point and the training they received there; their lives in a segregated military. A very great bio of one of the characters was the one of Herman Darden Jr. He begins to talk about the reputation of the marines at the time which was marines were rough and ready to go. He then talks about his reason for joining which was "because marines are supposed to be the first to battle and the first ones home, so I don't want to stay out that long". Even though the racial barrier between the blacks and whites was big alot of these black men still found it in them to join the marines and fight with honor.

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