Mario As A Social Worker Essay

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Mario is currently dealing with marital issues with his wife and struggling with reintegration into civilian life after years in the Air Force. Mario grew up in El Paso, Texas with his three younger brothers and parents; however, he presently lives in Medical Lake, Washington, and has been deployed to Afghanistan on tours for parts of his emerging adulthood. By closely considering Mario’s biopsychosocial assessment and the client’s social environment, as well as theoretical perspectives on his psychosocial development, a social worker can gain a more holistic and deeper understanding of the client’s developmental history, particularly as the development process informs his current behavior and functioning.
Identifying Information Mario is a twenty-four-year-old Latino-American man who is currently living in Medical Lake, Washington. For six years, Mario was enlisted in the Air Force during which he deployed to Afghanistan on three occasions; he separated from the Air Force in September. He currently is working the third shift as a security guard at a local warehouse.
Mario is the oldest of four sons of Mexican immigrant parents. His family resides in Texas, where he was raised. Mario was rebellious as a teenager and often fought with his parents, causing pressure and resentment from Mario. For example, Mario was unable to attempt the drivers’ license test on his sixteenth birthday because his parents told him he was not responsible enough for such a privilege. Mario
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