Mario Milkuliencer's Trouble With Trust

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Trust can be a controversial topic for many, however the natural positive vibe that humans receive from the word tends to override any reservations of it. According to the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary, trust requires “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.” In today’s society trust is slowly starting to disintegrate with the lack of face to face communication within the age of electronic communication. Because of this we have the inability to trust others as it starts to develop into trust issues, especially among the younger generation from the lack of physical connection among individuals. The first foundation that comes with developing trust is reliability. Possessing reliability in someone or something is important to begin a relationship. According, to Mario Milkuliencer in the online article “Trouble With Trust” by “Psychology Today” there are three basic foundations. The first one is “to have the assumption that if you need a help you can turn to someone you trust.’’ The second foundation is to have an “assumption that your closest companion will always be there for you.’’ The third and final foundation explains “recognition that…show more content…
Having forgiveness in someone can show that your strength can outshine the darkest corners of the earth. Many people will boast about their physical strength but the true strength comes from within. So when you trust someone you don’t trust their toned muscles and toned bodies on the outside, the most important muscle you trust that you cannot perceive with your own eyes but with your own heart. With some individuals, having the strength to fight and gain their trust in others don’t give it out so easily, while in the case of others they are more open and more likely to trust
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