Marion Hid A Unique Individual

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On another occasion, Marion hid a unique individual that resulted in a humorous story. She was tasked with hiding a Jewish male ballerina named Karel Poons. During the holocaust Germans would come raid houses to see if they were hiding anyone. The Germans would come at night because they had figured out that they could look and if there were more beds slept in than there were people they would know they were hiding a Jew. So the rescuers combated this by putting a Jew in the same bed with one of the rescuers. Karel was gay, which made him even more of a target for the Germans. He was put in a bed with a woman to hide. One day Karel told Marion he could not stand it anymore, and that a concentration camp would be better than this. He said,…show more content…
The wife said this because she and her husband had decided that they would adopt the baby. They wanted the children to believe that Marion had the child out of wedlock and couldn’t take care of it. That was the only way to explain why some strange child was now going to live with them. After Marion left the man’s house, he apologized for the horrible things he had said about her, but she understood that it was necessary in order to save the baby’s life (Dwork and Jan van Pelt 345-346).
Even after the war ended, Marion continued to help the Jews. She went to work for a large group that helped displaced Jews find new homes after the Nazis confiscated them during the Holocaust. The organization was called the U.N.R.R.A., which stands for United Nations Relief Rehabilitation Administration. Marion hoped that she could find some of the Jews she had helped escape. She worked for U.N.R.R.A. in post war Germany for two years. This is where she met her husband (Cargas 68).
Marion’s husband, Anton Arnold Pritchard, was a U.S. soldier who transferred to U.N.R.R.A. Marion married Anton on April 18, 1947. Shortly after marrying, she and her husband made the voyage to America where they planned to start a family. Marion worked for a short time before having children (Oral History Interview).
Marion and Anton had three sons. The oldest is Arnold and the twins are Ivor and Brian (“Marion Pritchard”). Marion never told anyone about her efforts rescuing the Jews until much

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