Marisa's Descriptive Essay: A Day At Home

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Forty-five minutes north up Rt. 113, at just about the same time I’m leaving the condo, Marisa’s waking up to her alarm. Flipping the sheets off and putting on the robe resting at the end of the bed, she walks towards the bathroom through the darkened room turning to look at the eastward facing window that’s adorned with white transparent drapes. Tucked slightly behind the drapes are horizontal vinyl blinds that assist in shielding the morning sun however once in the bathroom they’re pulled open allowing a surge of warmth and light to fill the room. Hearing only the noise of the AC unit blowing cold air through the ceiling register, she stands at the window taking in the beauty of the morning. Releasing an audible *sigh... she turns to get the shower ready while turning on her favorite streaming radio station on her device and then steps in.…show more content…
From time to time children play throughout the property, which is more like a series of drive lanes than open parking spaces like you’d expect to see in a
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