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Video Log 13: Marisol has shown up every day for the past two weeks. The first couple of days we stayed in the library. That was okay. But then we started doing other stuff, like exploring the castle, pretending to be tourist with the tour groups, watching movies in the castle’s media room—where they usually show boring history videos—and eating lunch at the pond. Last time, Gran made us a picnic basket packed with all kinds of food. But that big stupid male swan kept coming after me. I didn’t know if it was ticked from when I almost hit him with a stick or he wanted my sandwich. I threw the sandwich at him in case that’s what he was after. I found out swans won’t eat turkey sandwiches. Makes sense since that’d make them cannibals. Hawking…show more content…
Each has its own nature and use. Casting spells are for defense, summoning magic is for offense, charm making works for little things like luck, and reciting incantations—the heavy hitter—is for things like curses and conjuring spirits. Incantations sounds like the boss of all magic. I’ve got the summoning magic for burning glamours away down pretty well. The blue lightening, which is what you actually use to zap someone with in a fight, is a lot harder to do. So far my blue lightening is kind of wimpy. I really want to learn incantations, but Hawking says sometimes they can get tangled with dark forces, so it’s the most dangerous. Of course, I have to wait to learn the cool stuff. Over and out. * * * Hawking lay on his back, his head hanging upside down over the side of my bed. “My bed better not smell like dog or have fleas when you’re done lying there,” I said. He glowered at me. “I beg your pardon. Do I look like a dog?” One paw went in the air. “No, don’t answer that. Anyway, I’ll have you know, I’ve never had a flea in my life.” “Why, do fleas not like gargoyle blood?” I picked some pound notes from the cash Dad had gotten from the bank for me and shoved them in my…show more content…
If I couldn’t convince Hawking to ease up some, I’d never get a chance to leave the estate without Gran and Hawking by my side. “Look, I’ve gotten better at blocking the blood call. Mimic, won’t be able to hear me.” “Merikh,” Hawking said. “And you underestimate him. He doesn’t need to hear you if he can see you.” “Come on, Hawking. Why don’t you come with me, then if I anything happens—and I don’t think it will—you’ll be there to help me out? You can’t tell me you’re afraid of this Merikh?” Hawking meandered to the window, looking out to the gardens. “You don’t understand. As long as we remain here, you’re safe. Going past the boundaries of the estate could put you in grave danger.” He turned to me. “How would I explain it to Bethany if anything happened to you?” The pained expression on his face gave me a start. Not the expression itself, I’d seen him make that face plenty of times—usually for something I did. But this time he was actually worried about me. That really warmed my heart, but I still wanted to go to Maldon. “Here I am in England, with a train station only miles away, and all I get to see is Heathrow and Bonham estate?” A heavy sigh. “I see your point. But I still have my reservations on you venturing to Maldon with only a minimum of
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