Marissa Meyer's Futuristic Dystopian Novel 'Cinder'

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Marissa Meyer’s futuristic dystopian novel, Cinder, is set in an advanced society containing large divides between different groups of people including; cyborgs, humans, and Lunars. Cyborgs are often looked down upon as inhuman machines that are held to high expectations though, the majority of cyborgs are partially human. The antagonist, Cinder, is a cyborg who struggles with these divides between people. Because of this, Cinder feels the need to hide her Cyborg self and constantly work to appease others in order to be accepted. One theme this story suggests is “ In a society that can be very demanding, people need to learn to stop trying to please others, live for themselves, and do what they believe is right and they will benefit from their actions.” This theme is shown throughout the story in a series of critical scenes and also portrayed using author’s craft.

From the beginning of the story, the theme is very evident. In one of the critical scenes, Cinder visits her dying sister in quarantine after being victimized by the plague. After receiving the message that her sister has only little time, Cinder arrives in quarantine to visit her. When Cinder arrives, she finds Peony’s ID chip being removed which was only done to victims who were dead or dying. Despite knowing there would be harsh consequences if she were caught, Cinder confiscates the knife from the Med droid and “asked for forgiveness while she grasped her sister’s fragile wrist,” (Meyer 263) and removes
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