Marist Research Paper

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It’s nice to meet you and I’m more than happy to give information about myself to the Duet family.

I am a first generation college student with Computer Science major with a Chemistry minor.

The clubs I’m part of at Marist are the Marist College Computer Society; the Purplethread; Lesbian, Gay, Straight Alliance (LGSA); and Campus Ministry, in which I do weekly Community Service. If you want me to include more information on the clubs, tell me so I can them in.

I wanted to attend Marist College for their excellent work opportunities and rigorous Computer Science program in which Marist is in partnership with IBM. It also helps that the Poughkeepsie campus has a picturesque view of the Hudson River Valley and that I’m not too far away from home.
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However, with the help of my new friends and professors, I survived my first semester here. While it wasn’t perfect, I continue to improve myself as time passes.

This scholarship was a huge blessing to my family as I would have not able to come to Marist College otherwise. I’m grateful for the chance to attend to college without having to worry about my finances. I would like to thank the Duet family for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.

The attached photo is an old picture of me back in April 2016, but I haven’t changed much in the past 11 months so I hope it works, otherwise I’ll take a better of me when I get home for Spring Break. If you need more information on me, like my interaction with the other Duet scholars, don’t be afraid to
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