Marita Bonner's the Whipping Genetic Structuralism Analysis

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Genetic Structuralism starts with the concept of human fact. Human fact means similar to human behavior, as what Faruk says that human fact means all human activities and behaviors, both the verbal and the physical ones, which sciences try to understand (Faruk, 1988:70). This is the same as culture used in social sciences. Thus, human fact, just like culture, can be in the form of certain social or individual activities, including cultural works, such as paintings, musical compositions, and also literary works. The Whipping is a short story written by Marita Bonner, a black woman in 1939. She is associated with ‘Harlem Renaissance’. It was an intellectual, social, and political movement of African Americans during the early twentieth…show more content…
In the story we can find that Marita Bonner giving the idea that black people always be the minor part of the society at that time, Lizabeth had to face discrimination/ prejudice from the relief worker when she had a fight with another client just like what stated in the text: “Look out for a knife!” yelled the woman behind the desk. Her books had all told her that colored woman carried knives. The sentence shows us that based on books, the woman behind the desk draws conclusion that all colored women always carried knives The matron also had discriminated Lizabeth when they were on the way to Women’s Reformatory, when Lizabeth asked whether they got a commissary right there. It is stated on this paragraph. “A commissary!” the matron was struck breathless when Lizabeth asked this. She had decided that Lizabeth was not normal. She had seemed too stupid to defend herself in court. “She must be interested in food!” the matron had decided to herself. The reason why Lizabeth asked this is because she realized that she will worked in the Women’s Reformatory for a whole her life. It will be a long unending debt and she should working very hard to pay the debt just like what happened to her family back when they were in the south. It seems that there were no hopes for Black community in US. They will remain as a minority, workers, and slaves. Through her short story, Marita Bonner was giving us a hint about her world view. From Lizabeth story, we

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