- Marital Affairs From A Consequentialist's Point Of View: An Analysis

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Extra-Marital Affairs from a Consequentialist’s Point Of View
Today, marriages are under attack due to the soaring rates of infidelity. Our society is defined by a high rate of sexual freedom that is not often handled in a responsible manner. There are different views on morality of extramarital affairs with some couples advocating for it. For example, there are parties that couples attend to ‘spice up’ their marriage so that the marriage itself won’t become ‘boring’ or ‘monotone’. These relationships form to ‘spice up’ the marriage are required or supposed to be plutonic sadly, this is not always the case. However, sexual freedom has lead to an increase in extra-marital affairs that weaken a marriage’s bond and only satisfy temporary pleasures. This essay will look at extra-marital affairs from a consequentialist’s perspective.

Rule consequentialism holds that “any code of rules is to be evaluated in terms of how much good could be reasonably accepted to result from the code” (Hooker, 2013, p. 428). Portmore (n.d.) explains that rules are quite clear-cut and the ones defined are those that are believed to result in the best consequences. However, if it is judged that following a rule will result in disastrous consequences, then the rule can be violated to achieve the best consequence. Act
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As a religious person, this collective view becomes the system of belief that comes with moral prohibitions. Again, this is dependent on what one considers moral. For me, it may be the Bible but for someone else it may be based on their conscience or other religious beliefs. All in all, I believe that a moral theory that holds the marriage in high regard and values the emotions of the other person are the ones, which will suffice in the argument of extramarital
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