Marital Life Cycle By Dr. Bradley

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Introduction Marital life cycle is a process couples embark on from the moment the vows are taken. Within Dr. Bradley’s class, the material learned is over the course of a marriage. With that knowledge, each student found a couple to interview to get a proper marital analysis to measure. The intent of this study is to assess the Matthews’ current level of marital health and predict the future prognosis of the relationship determined by the analysis given.
Caroline and Nate Matthews were the couple chosen for this analysis. Over the course of their 11 years of marriage, the Matthews have had two children ages 4 and 7, in Gainesville, GA. At age 35, the Matthews priority currently is raising their children, while figuring out how to maintain a good marriage relationship themselves.
To analyze the Matthews’ level of marital health and predict what is to come of their future, over the course of 2 weeks, several instruments designed to measure specific aspects of a marriage were administered along with a co-joint and individual interview. The area of interest from the information gathered was what the (a) individuality, (b) emotional tone, and (d) interaction in the Matthews’ marriage seems to be.
First, the Matthews participated in a 20-question co-joint interview. The questions were specifically created to get detailed information about aspects of their early marriage as well as where they are currently. After, completing the…

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