Marital Vows: A Contemplation Essay

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Marriage is a union to which one should not join lightly; subsequently, it is important for a couple to contemplate upon the relationship and what the couple is promising to do. Before promising another person how they will treat them during the marital relationship, one needs to take stock of their partnership, one’s feelings towards the other partner, and assess the capabilities of both persons. Next, it is important to examine one’s own likes, dislikes, and other pertinent information to the union. In order to not completely reinvent the process of making these vows, it is important to look at examples of other marital vows. One’s next step is to write down some general concepts that are important to that person’s vows. Finally,…show more content…
If the person in question truly loves their partner – faults and all – they should start thinking about what they love about that person. Is one’s love based on a give-and-take relationship, or is the relationship codependent? Another important question to ask is how you relate to this person: is your partner an extremely intimate friend who you enjoy spending a great deal of time with or do you have a tumultuous relationship with your partner? Compatibility To know if you want to promise the rest of your life to someone, it is also important to inventory both partners’ lifestyles to see what kinds of adversity the couple can handle. A common cause for conflict is money, so it is important to know both partner’s money habits. Other points that need to be inventoried is religious attitudes, activity level, sexual expectations, level of extroversion and introversion. If one is to make a vow to stay together for as long as one can, one is also vowing to be able to live with the other’s faults. Likewise, it is also important to inventory what it is about the partner that makes one happy. The opposite is important to inventory, as well. Similarly, how does one’s partner go out of their way to show love and affection towards oneself; how does one go out of your way to show love to their partner? Is the one partner able to do these acts of love on a regular basis? How often is the other partner able to do likewise? Another

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