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Malcolm Gladwell's essay, Marita's Bargain; is a text all high school students should read to motivate them to do their best in high school because it relates to us how success is not defined by your social class, how the struggles of outside pressure and how that affects high school students in school, and how high school students feel about how much time goes into a school. In the paper by Malcolm Gladwell, Marita’s Bargain; he writes about a school in New York called the KIPP Academy in New York, where the circumstances of this school are bad. Gladwell gives his us a description telling us the scenario that helps us get the point that social class doesn’t describe the intellect of a student by stating, “ It is a squat, gray 1960s-era building across the street from a bleak-looking group of high-rises.”(Gladwell, 3) and “ Roughly half of the students are African American; the rest are Hispanic. Three-quarters of the children come from single-parent homes. Ninety percent qualify for "free or reduced lunch," which is to say that their families earn so little that the federal government chips in so the children can eat properly at lunchtime.”(Gladwell, 3-4) These two quotes from page 3 describes the living conditions of the lower class people, they live in gray 1960 era looking building with a single parent home that doesn’t even get enough income to get their kids lunch to where ninety percent of the kids qualify for free or reduced lunch provided by the government.

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