Maritime Waters Thesis Statement

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Title: Rule of Law on Maritime Waters Thesis Statement: We should not allow china to stay in the West Philippine Sea because it stated in the Maritime law that all nation has right to protect their sovereignty to 200 nautical miles away. Problem: Should we allow china to stay in the West Philippines Sea? 1.Introduction 1.1 Rule of law that governs sovereign nations 1.2 Maritime entitlements 2.Rule of Law in the International Sphere 2.1 International Law 2.2 Invoking Rule of Law 3. Rule of Law on Maritime Matters 3.1 Greatest achievement of mankind 3.2 Fundamental source of the Law 4. Tensions among rival claimant-states to the waters 4.1 Surge in confrontation rhetoric 4.2 Challenge arising in the sea According to honorable Carpio explain that "All nation must conduct themselves in a just and orderly manner to maintain peace and stability in the world". International law should ignore military and economic to resolve the resolution of the disputes water. All nation must follow in a orderly manner to maintain stability and peace in the world. All nations has right to protect their sovereignty in land and ocean. The International law is giving a country access to its own 200…show more content…
The Philippines will not follow of China 9 dashed line because the Rule of Law and Other country claim the sea and its sovereignty. The Philippines should continue to protect its sovereignty from china. And Philippines should stand on their own to protect its 200 nautical miles of the Rule of Law. Philippines will not allow china to stay in the West Philippines because china is not following the Rule of the sea. Philippines is ready to fight to claim back its land and

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