Marjane Satrapi 's Persepolis And The War Between Iran And Iraq

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In life, growing up is inevitable and happens to everyone, but how that growing up occurs can be very different depending on your environment. Marjane Satrapi’s autobiographical graphic novel, Persepolis, is set in Iran before and during the Iranian Revolution of the late 1970’s and the war between Iran and Iraq. The graphic novel centers around the daughter of an Iranian family, Marjane, who is an energetic and jubilant young girl at the beginning of the story.The revolution and other factors force her to mature quickly as she is influenced by violence, destruction, and the people surrounding her. Marjane’s growth and development throughout the book are greatly affected by the people around her, such as her parents and her friends.One instance is when Marjane has been spending time with her family 's maid, Mehri. While Marjane spent time with her, Mehri was flirting with a next door neighbor of Marjane’s family. When Marjane’s father finds out about this he tells the neighbor that Mehri was their maid and the neighbor decides not to continue seeing her. Then Marjane’s father tells Marjane that their love is impossible because they are in different social classes and Marjane gets frustrated and angry. She asks her father, “Is it her fault she was born where she was born?” (37, panel 6). She also asks him “Dad are you for or against social classes?” (37, panel 6). The speech balloon that she asks this question in is jagged and spiky and in the panel her hands are clasped

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