Marjane Satrapi 's ' The Iranian Revolution Of 1979 '

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One result of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 was that women were forced by law to wear the compulsory hijab. At first, not many people took this seriously and many peaceful protests were organized. Eventually, women began to suffer at the hands of the government for refusing to submit. In this novel, Marjane is an Iranian girl living during the turmoil of the Islamic Revolution and eventually the Iran-Iraq War. She is invested in the politics of her world even from a very young age, though her views are a little skewed due to lack of direct experience. As she grows, however, her loyalty to her religion and her country warps and fades as she comes face-to-face with the reality of the world rather than her simplified and romanticized…show more content…
Since she must imagine them herself, her perception of the world around her can often be proven wrong. She has to learn this through her own experience rather than reading it in a book. Though she is not specifically rebelling against anything, it was unusual for a girl her age to be so invested in the political scene of the country. Many of her friends were aware of what was going on, but Marjane had a much deeper dedication to learning everything she possibly could about the turmoil. She often expressed interest in wanting to join her parents at demonstrations around the city to protest the rule of the Shah. Marjane was not allowed, of course, but this desire to be a part of a change was indicative of her rebellious nature and political activism later in her life. During the awkward period between young child and teenager, Marjane explores new concepts like forgiveness and loss that begin to shape her viewpoint. She copes with people of opposing viewpoints and the death of her beloved uncle, Anoosh. As she grows, she becomes more and more reckless. One time she cuts class with some of her older friends and her mother gets very upset with her. In return, Marjane doesn 't understand her mother 's reaction and gets mad as well. As a symbolic message, she smokes a stolen
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