Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis Essay

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Western culture has often misperceived the east and the way that their society functions. In Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, Satrapi uses graphic novels as a way to demonstrate to the western culture how the east has been misrepresented. The use of media helps to depict to the west how their views of the east may have been unfairly formed in the past. The media has only revealed limited knowledge that only shows partial perspectives because it is difficult to get perspectives of the minorities although they are the ones who hold the most truth. In other words the use of graphic novels and a child’s perspective give the west a new idea on how it is that society in the east functions. This style of writing brings the connection between the two…show more content…
By allowing the reader to form their own perspective it “makes the reader reconsider the assumptions…[of the] so-called other” by giving the reader the freedom to perceive the events of the revolution as they wish and not reconsider the way that they once understood the people of the east to be (Darda 34). Satrapi is using her experience and graphic novels to show what her experience as a child was, she does not claim at any point to be telling the entire story of the revolution she is merely introducing a new perspective which up until that point had not been seen in the western countries. The concept of “making the hidden visible” allows the reader to understand the Israeli revolution in a way that is has not been viewed before (Chute 106). Through the strategic use of graphic novels it demonstrates the way that she experienced it first hand without the interruption of western style media. Graphic novels take away any assumptions that you may make about the revolution while reading it because you have the image right in front of you and there is no way for it to be misinterpreted. Due to the large impact that media has on the viewpoints and ideas of western citizens the westerns perspective of what is true and what doesn’t exist has
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