Mark And Luke Essay

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As I stated before some scholars believe that Luke uses Mark as his soul source when composing this story in his Gospel . If we assume that fact to be true then there should be no reason that there are differences between the stories, but that is not the case. Luke makes changes to the narrative, and some of those changes could cause the reader to see a different focus of the text. Luke Johnson points out that in his Gospel Luke cleans up the language of the text making the story flow better but in doing this he also omits several of the descriptive details that Mark uses, and these omitted details may make the actions taking place in the text seem weaker . This means that when Luke chose to clean up the language of the story from Mark
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The whole narrative in Matthew is less then half the length of the narrative in Mark . One of these critical changes is the addition of another demand possessed man. France believes that Matthew may have added the second man to compensate for leaving out Jesus’s first exorcism story found in Mark 1: 21-28 . I believe that this justification makes since because it accounts for the addition of another person, and it allows for the number of Jesus’s exorcisms to remain the same in Matthews…show more content…
In this verse Matthew uses interesting grammar he says “and suddenly the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the sea and perished in the water.” (NRSV) This is grammatically interesting because the word rushed is a singular verb, and perished is a plural verb . France says that unlike the narrative in Mark, and Luke Matthew does this to emphasize that the swine and the demons were both killed . I think that this ties in well to the idea that Matthew chose to focus on Jesus’s power over the supernatural instead of this being a miracle that he preformed in gentile
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