Mark Antony's Speech in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Essay

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Mark Antony's Speech in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Before the speech

By now Julius Caesar had been brutally murdered by Brutus and co. Brutus and the rest feel that they want to be ruled by more than 1 person. Then Brutus announces to the mob 'death for his ambition' the mob being very gullible beleive that this is true and when Mark Antony is allowed to make a speech he is in fear for his life.

Effectiveness of the speach

He starts with "friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears", asking them to listen, addressing them as friendly people.

"I come to bury Caesar not to praise him", trying to be on the mobs side.

"The evil that men do lives after them", "the good is
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"Which cause ....... mourn for him", another question.

"Bear with me", deliberately stopping for the mob to see the emotions from Mark Antony. A pause for them to think.

The mob begin to talk between themselves now beleiving that Mark Antony is making sense. One person even says that there is not a nobler person than Anotony in Rome.

"But yesterday ......... and none so poor to do him reverence", why does no one care?

"Your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage, I should do Brutus wrong,and Cassius wrong, who you all know are honourable men", now that he feels the mob are on his side he can use sarcasm against Brutus.

"I rather choose to wrong the dead, to wrong myself and you, than I will wrong such honourable men", he is lying waiting for the crowd to turn.

"But here's a parchment with the seal of Caesar ; I found it in his closet ; 'tis his will", letting the crowd know that Caesar may have left riches to them, knowing they will be interested.

"Let but the commons hear this testament - which, pardon me, I do not mean to read - and they would go and kiss dead Caesar's wounds" making them wait.

The crowd, "The will, the will! We will hear Caesar's will"

"Gentle friends", very welcoming.

"Caesar loved you", they like to hear that.

"You are not
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