Mark D. Roberts 's Can We Trust The Gospels?

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Questions about the authenticity of the Holy Bible have been interrogated since the first circulation of the Word. Nonbelievers dispute the entirety of the actuality of the Holy Bible. While skeptical believers along with some nonbelievers question the accuracy of recorded events within the Holy Bible, specifically the Gospels. Individuals debate the issue if the Gospels are historically reliable, claiming there is no tangible evidence and the books contradict themselves. Mark D. Roberts, in his book, Can we Trust the Gospels? was able to provide reliable evidence and reasons on why people can trust the Gospels. His book gives an overview on the subject of the gospel reliability and trustworthiness.
Mark D. Roberts begins the book on a very personal note. He divulges his personal account on why he challenged the Gospels while he was an undergraduate at Harvard University. Harvard University by nature has a non-Christian dominancy. He recalls a teacher, Professor MacRae who shook his faith by examining the contradictions of the Gospels. He recounts that he initially triggered historical accuracy of the Gospels. He questioned the authors’ reliance in writing the Gospels. He struggled with the truth in the Gospel records, because Mark was the first Gospel to be written and then Matthew and Luke used Mark in their writings. The book concludes how he discovered the reliability of the Gospels.
While focusing on his primary question: Can we trust the Gospels? Roberts engaged two
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