Mark David Chapman Murder

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Many could ask the question how a novel could lead someone to commit a murder. In the 1980’s this question swept through many individuals around the world. “Read The Catcher in the Rye, that is my statement.” These are words that came from Mark David Chapman after he took the life of Rock and Roll songwriter/singer, John Lennon. A&E produced a documentary about Chapman, the murderer of Lennon. It spoke about how and when Lennon was executed, the reasoning behind why Chapman did it, the childhood of Chapman, and other interesting facts that related to this tragic event. The way that A&E sequenced the events, helps the viewers to have a better understanding of what was going through Chapman’s head during, before, and after the murder was conducted.…show more content…
This due to the traumatic experiences he went through at such a young age. This documentary dug into life before Chapman was a known as a murderer. While Chapman was growing up, he can remember living in fear of his father. This is because his father used to abuse his mother physically. He reported that at points through his life, he has imagined getting a gun and kill his father. It also was said that he fended off sexual advances from his father and from his mother. Although Chapman was thought of as a “normal” boy, considering his IQ test score was above average, he was not normal. Within the first two years of high school, Chapman got into drugs. He was constantly skipping school. He was bullied because he was not a good athlete. Since he was bullied so much and did not have friends, he counted on imaginary people in the walls for entertainment. With finding out what all was behind and inside the head of the man that took Lennon’s life, it helped answer a lot of people’s questions. Although gaining these answers for people, it will never give them their wish, for Lennon to still be
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