Mark Dawson

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Mark Dawson is an author born forty-three years ago in a small British town called Great Yarmouth. He is the creator of two different series of novels and continues to write as his life continues on into his middle age. Not just a writer, Mark also has experience in multiple lines of work. For instance, at one point in his life he worked in the British film industry. While he has a lot of experience else where he still is a big author. Mark Dawson has written books such as the John Milton series which are derived from genres such as action, mystery, and suspense.

Born in 1973 Great Yarmouth, England, United Kingdom, Mark Dawson was bound for an interesting life. At the age of 13 he wrote his very first novel even admitting now that “is not very good.” (interview question #4) When he was a young adult he realized how hard it is being an author when his first book was put out, and had so little advertising that it had little to no sales. This didn’t stop Mark though. For a brief time, he quit writing and returned to school to become a lawyer. He also worked a series of jobs such as Disc jockey, factory hand, club promoter, etc. Not to mention at one point he also had a job as a door to door ice cream salesman. It’s truly been an interesting run so far.

When he returned to being an author he
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Each book is different from the other, but has a couple of a couple of similar characteristics. Each book thrives in action, suspense, and is just mysterious enough that it lures you in to where you want to continue on with the series. The story behind the main character John Milton is the man that the government sends when all else fails. He considers himself a craftsman, and artisan. With his own special trade “Murder”. He is ruthless, brilliant, anonymous, and extremely lethal. He is truly a master assassin and someone that you don’t want to be on the opposing side
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