Mark Hachman's Analysis

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Mark Hachman specifically talks about Google’s advertising strategies. Hachman is a senior editor at PCWorld, a global computer magazine. In Hachman’s view, Google has launched a new app named Dubbed Customer Match that is linked with Gmail. It means the consumer’s email address and profile are directly connect to Dubbed Customer Match. This enables Google to sell consumer data to different advertising companies. For example, if a user asks any website to send information to his/her Gmail address, that site can automatically enroll into Dubbed Customer Match. Ultimately, it allows them to send different coupons or promotional code (a series of letters or numbers that allow a user to get a discount on something) for a user based…show more content…
In his article, “Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, and FTC Enforcement: Broadening Unfairness Regulation for a New Era,” G.S. Hans, a professor at University of Michigan Law School, points out, “Because Google collects, collates, and retains so much raw data–both regarding Internet search queries and its users’ behavior within Google’s suite of sites–it ranks as one of the most highly valued Internet companies, with a current stock price of over $650 per share” (175). It clearly indicates that the world’s most used search engine of Google is making too much profit by selling consumer data to various advertising companies, and these companies sell their products back to consumers to achieve their goal. So, consumers are at the privacy theft, and Google is one who makes a large amount of money out of this circular process. Alex Radford, a general manager of digital media at Aegis Media New Zealand, does not like Google’s money making advertising business. He likes half of Google which is helpful for people, but does not like its money-making game. In his article, “Goooogle DON't BE EVIL?” Radford certainly expresses his thoughts about Google’s advertising game. Google’s dominance in advertising field is unbelievable. According to Radford, Google is a leading business company, a company which owns about ninety percent of the global search business in today’s advertising era . Again, Radford believes
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