Mark Izzo Interview Essay

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Izzo, the founder and principle of Converge HR Solutions. Interviewing with Mark Izzo gave me the chance to not only get an insider look into his background. Also his experience and challenges he’s faced, with focusing on his future goals. In addition, Mark was able to provide and supply me with basic advice to continue my further development of my professional HR career. After reading and reviewing the interview conversation between both mark and myself, I saw an important theme that stuck out to me. I saw a recurring pattern of what important skills and values are need when working not only in HR but any career. It’s especially hard when it comes to working in such a stressful and time consuming field. Mark mentioned that it takes dedication and persistence for a person to work in the HR industry. Just thinking about the persistence needed to have employees follow guidelines and…show more content…
Mark was discussing some issues with companies downsizing and laying off human resource employees to move to outsourcing because it’s a much more affordable solution. It works in favor with the idea of Mark’s company and the goal to increase clients. I also discovered that it seems that a new market of online HR services is upon us and may be the new way of getting involved in the industry. The time I spent at my internship I was able to witness the development of the new online service company and see that we can create a twenty-four-hour available HR hotline. Which will push to an overall termination of Human Recourse departments within companies. Why should companies have fifteen HR employees when they can create job descriptions and ask legal and benefit question with a touch of a button. Thinking long-term it might be wise to be familiar with the online system to, so I can possible create or work alongside one in the near
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