Mark Of The Dragonfly

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The book, Mark of the Dragonfly, is a really exciting book. The main character, easgry, is just a small girl in a scrap town, who collects meteors which fall from the sky. One day, she goes out collecting and sees a wagon, but before she can get to it, a meteor lands on it and “kills” everyone in it. However, a girl named Anna survived. She can’t remember anything, but she is tattooed with a dragonfly, with many exotic colors. This means that she comes from the Dragonfly Territories and is protected by the king. If Anna is returned, whomever returns her will get a large sum of gold. However, the only way to get to the Dragonfly Territories is by way of the 401, a large train with, I don’t know, just some docile and gregarious flamethrowers.
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