Mark Schleifstein: Article Summary

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The article “Louisiana is losing a football field of wetlands an hour, new U.S. Geological Survey study says” by Mark Schleifstein provides the reader with lots of detail on how much land Louisiana is losing. By giving statistics and reason why Louisiana is losing so much land. Schleifstein begins by going straight into how much land Louisiana is losing. He states that the coastline is “losing wetlands at a rate of 16.57 square miles a year during the past 25 years”, which is about a football field every hour (Schleifstein 1). Most of the wetlands that were lost were results of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and Gustav and Ike in 2008. A study found that “a post-Katrina and Rita estimate of 217 square miles of wetlands” but there were
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