Mark & Spencer: Marketing And Segmentation Process Of Mark And Spencer

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The market segmentation, segmentation process of defining and dividing a large homogeneous market into segment (subset) similar needs or demand and the segmentation marketing create opportunity help growth and success specific groups in the markets,
In M&S segmented market according to geographic and psycho graphic and demographic and behavioral segment also segmented the market demographically and the customers different as age and groups - ethical groups and social class and gender
Mark and Spencer basic its market segmentation through value many product in M&S ( clothing and food wear and gift)
Consumers behavior the study of individuals and groups and organization , processes that are used to identify and secure , use of products and services also experiences or ideas to meet the needs and the effects these
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Mark and Spencer used adviser responsible about their test their favorite clothes and color and their body shape , in the ends style advisor of mark and Spencer create a profit with three different stage the first about the recommendation the second type of the clothes ( food-jeans –skirt ) third outfit can use for different event . mark and Spencer this is company have a many ways to attract customers and their consumers as ability to communication naturally with friends and word of mouth
Always in constant evolution of their products in order to maintain loyalty and strong relationshof with their customers in order to achive the profitable for organization and satisfied their consumers
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