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McKettrick 2 Mark Twain’s use of irony to express a better sense humor is displayed in many of his short stories. Such as “Luck”, in this story a clergyman explains how the “hero” was able to make mistakes and receive commendations and medals because acts of stupidity turned into acts of military intelligence. “He was appointed an officer, a captain of all things” (Twain, “Luck”), the clergyman said for the reason that the stupid “hero” that had barely made it through basic training was appointed a captain. “He continued to climb up, over the dead bodies of his superiors” (Twain, “Luck”), the hero continued to make mistakes and was promoted only due to the death of his superiors and his “so called” acts of military intelligence. Twains…show more content…
“She always stopped and posed” (Twain, “Hunting the Deceitful Turkey”): speaking about how the boy hunted the turkey all day and how the turkey knew that the boy was an awful shot and the turkey would play with the boy by posing because of it. Twain used the turkey to create irony by giving the turkey human like smarts and actions, and give the boy turkey like hunting skills. “I followed an obscenely lame turkey over a considerable part of the United States” (Twain, “Hunting the Deceitful Turkey”) the boy said after getting lost and wore out by the turkey. Twain used the irony of the hunted turkey to getting away from the hunter boy. Twain also combines humor and irony with animals in “A Fable” by Mark Twain with the use of a cat to explain a mirror and the other animals being too stupid to realize what they’re looking at. “There was nothing in that hole but a donkey” (Twain, “A Fable”) the donkey had seen himself in the mirror and had not realized that the thing in whole was a mirror showing his reflection in it. “Anybody but a near-sighted fool could see that there was nothing in the hole but a elephant” (Twain, “Hunting the Deceitful Turkey”): the same thing that happened to the donkey happened to the elephant. McKettrick 5 “Clemens(Mark Twain) studied the Mississippi River and the operation of a riverboat”(Mark Twain, “biography”). Twain in his early life was fascinated by the Mississippi River, thus causing him to want to be an apprentice of a riverboat

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