Mark Twain: What Makes A Hero?

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“We find not much in ourselves to admire; we are always privately want to be like somebody else. If everybody was satisfied with himself there would be no heroes.” Mark Twain said it best when saying this, no one thinks of themselves as a hero. People are constantly looking up to other people. Having a hero is a good; it makes people strive to want to be more like their hero. It makes them want to strive for excellence, and be a better person. Having a hero helps make a person better. It makes that person want to have the same qualities as that hero. Heroes have certain qualities that make them hero like; that is why people look up to their hero. Heroes do not always wear caps; heroes are people who are; intelligent, hardworking, passionate, brave, and above all else they put other people’s needs before their own. If a hero puts his or her needs before other people`s needs, in my opinion, they would not be considered a hero. A hero needs to be someone who has all these qualities and more. They need to do certain actions as well. A hero preforms actions to show people right from wrong, for instance; they show people how to respect other people. Respect is one of the biggest…show more content…
He is very intelligent; he even took time to go back to college when he already had a career under his belt. Which brings him to being a hard worker, my dad is one of the hardest working people anyone will ever meet, if anything that man works too much. He is also very respectful to people, especially those in potion over him. My dad is also one of the bravest people on earth; he has had two very dangerous jobs. The first would be being a United States Marine. The second job would be his current job, which is being a Maricopa Deputy Sheriff. My dad is my hero because he has worked hard to maintain all of these qualities, and he practices them each and every
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