Mark Twain's Belief that the Real Descent of Human Morality Essay

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Mark Twain theorizes that man is in fact the so called “lower animal” and has descended from a single atom to insect to animal from a long line of innocence. The lowest stage would be reached and would become known as the human being. Twain counter argues the popular theory of Darwinism which could be considered controversial. However, he conducted experiments using the scientific method to provide evidence to his claim: the principle of human morality, as disputed in “The Damned Human Race”, has seemingly not evolved to the same extent of the morals of what he believes to be the “higher animals”. Moral sense as defined by Twain is the quality that enables wrong doing. Without this this “sense” man would not be capable of doing wrong.…show more content…
Man is once again viewed as cruel. His morals are inhumane in the way that the infliction of pain is for pleasure. Twain’s “higher animals” are unaware of others suffering. The cat for example; she plays with the mouse before making it her meal. She is oblivious that the mouse is frightened. Although she plans to eat it, she does not torture it in the manner than man would. Her unconsciousness to the morality of killing makes her innocent. Man is not innocent. Despite popular belief, Twain’s use of experimentation and observation proves that man is ultimately not a reasoning animal (Twain, 674). Throughout history religion has caused controversy among many due to its diversity. The difference in opinions of man occasionally leads to death. As Twain puts it, “He [man] is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself, and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight.”(674). Religion has also been known to go hand in hand with morality; a generalization that without a belief in a god, come no morals. A cat and a dog were put in a cage and within an hour they had gotten past their differences and were capable of coexistence. Within the next hour, a rabbit was added to the cage with no problem. As two days come to pass, the variety of small animals were able to peacefully cohabit: including a fox, a squirrel, doves, a goose, and even a monkey. In a next cage, nine men were confined. Each man retained a different background than the next. As
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