Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn Essay

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Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn

The novel is set in the 1930's in St. Petersburg, a fictitious place supposedly reminiscent of the town of Hannibal, Missouri the place where Mark Twain grew up. It follows the events in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, also of the same author.


Huck Finn. Huckleberry Finn or Huck Fin is the protagonist of the story. A dynamic character, he is a liar and sometimes a thief. In Tom Sawyer's book, he is a vagabond with a drunkard father. In this book, he starts as a ward to Miss Watson and Widow Douglas. He is afraid of responsibilities and being civilized. Everything that he is changed, when his father kidnapped him and he ran away. He became responsible and loyal to the slave Jim whom he
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She is a compassionate lady and made Huck feel something about having a mother.

Miss Watson and Widow Douglas. They are the sisters that took care of Huck after the affairs that happened in Tom's novel. They taught Huck about responsibility and being civilized, but Huck as said before hates both, until the later events happened. After the said events, nothing more is said about them but only about Miss Watson's death and will to free Jim.

The Duke and the Dauphin. They are two grafters that joined Huck and Jim in their raft. They are both scheming artists and thieves. They used Jim and Huck to help them steal the properties of Peter Wilks, a deceased rich man. They even tried to sell Jim, but unknowingly, to Tom's uncle.

THEME Friendship means Loyalty and Trust. The novel show the importance of responsibility and loyalty to friends. Huck was at first reluctant to accept the responsibility to Jim but as Huck realized that Jim was truly a friend to him and not just a mere slave, he accepted that responsibility and became loyal to that cause.

PLOT The story of Huck Finn is about a young boy in search of adventure. He found it when he helped Jim escape and let him be free. They met different people in their every stop over bust most of them bad people. They met Tom as they came to Aunt Sally's house and there the story came to and ending and Jim became free and Huck a more responsible young man.


Mark Twain uses
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