Mark Zuckerberg

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“The biggest risk you can take, is to take no risk” is a wise quote from Mark Zuckerberg, a man who is definitely is a strong abider of his very words. But what makes this man such a risk taker? This man, Mark Zuckerberg, created Synapse, is the founder of the Facebook era, and is the world’s youngest billionare.He is a high school programing prodigy and a software developing genius. Mark’s most famous accomplishment, Facebook, is the world’s largest social networking site. Heard of it? Good or Bad? Member or not? You have most likely encountered talk of this phenomenon. Is it a phase or an addiction? A help or a hindrance? Whatever it is, Mark’s accomplishments updated his and our statuses permanently . Born in May of 1984, Mark …show more content…
However, Zuckerberg constantly found himself logging in more than signing out on his programming hobbies. Mark Zuckerberg did not have the routine high school experience. Unless, being recognized by Bill Gates for programing and offered millions is normal. During his high school years, Mark created a software called Synapse, a music player that is capable of identifying your musical preferences. Synapse was rated and reviewed rather positively in worldwide technology digests. After this program, Zuckerberg initially was recognized by Microsoft. Microsoft offered Zuckerberg a bountiful selection of jobs and even offered to buy his software. AOL tried to recruit Mark in order to gain possession of this software. Although, Zuckerberg denied these offers and the chance to be a millionaire and enrolled in Harvard University. He entered his college years with a reputation from Synapse, as a high school programing prodigy. As a teenager logs onto the internet for homework, the focus is lost. Why? Well, out of like infinite possibilities and opportunities of internet browsing and blogging, the teen is most likely on Facebook. Facebook, or as it was originally called, is a website where users post and share photos, profiles, and basically anything that in a foreign world was considered “private”. Although, it is not only trendy teens surfing this site, business men marketing, musicians
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