Mark Zuckerberg : The Founder Of Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg, is one of the five co-founders of Facebook. Through Zuckerberg’s hard work and determination resulted in his great success. Though his name is not as well known compared to Facebook, he an important person in today’s society. Not only did he graduate from Harvard with a degree in computer science and psychology, he developed his own company at the age of nineteen. All of these accomplishments are results of his hard work. In just six years, Facebook has over 500 million users worldwide. There are nearly a hundred different languages available on Facebook. With Facebook’s success and popularity, it has resulted in being one of the fastest growing companies in history. Even though Zuckerberg is listed as number sixteen on the Forbes 2015 list, he never let the fame affect him. He is a great leader that created a successful company. With his accomplishments Zuckerberg, continued to stay humble and friendly, never let the money and fame affect his ability to be a great leader and businessman. Mark Zuckerberg’s success comes from his efficiency and ability to focus on his tasks. From the initial idea of creating Facebook, he never stopped upgrading and improving his site. Facebook’s success was not only made possible by his skills but also through his readiness and perseverance to invest a great deal of time and attention in developing it. In a Times article, Zuckerberg’s drive is described as “unconfused: when he wants something, he sics his hugely…

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