Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

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Think about the year 2000, six years before the idea of Twitter became a reality, and four years before Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook from his college dormitory, three years before Myspace was adapted to support the idea of social networking. The rumor that many teens, young adults, and adults; may one day spend over 700 billion minutes per month on just one website like Facebook was unimaginable. The social networking sites were just a spark to other designers. Fast forward to the present day and time. College students in the year 2014 can’t wait to update their status. It is crucial for them to let their three-hundred and twenty some odd number of Facebook friends know about the assignment they have due in four days. While scrolling through their news feed they finally realize, from a status update, that they have an unexpected assignment due the following day. While scrolling through the news feed, they see that their favorite sports team has won the game. If a college class is relocated to another location or a high school day is canceled, students are more likely to find out information on Facebook rather than through communication with their school or university networks. Facebook first started as a social networking outlet for a college dormitory at Harvard in February 2004. It was first limited to Harvard students until the expansion, first to area colleges, then all colleges, and ultimately the world. Facebook presently has expanded to over 500 million
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