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Market Analysis: Current Market Situation Coca-Cola Background On May 8, 1886, John S. Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in Jacobs’ Pharmacy located in Atlanta, Georgia. The name Coca-Cola was developed by the company’s accountant, Frank Robinson. The purpose of the name chosen was that it would look good when advertising the product (Coca-Cola Company, 2015). One year later, Pemberton registers with the U.S. Patent Office his syrup and extract for Coca-Cola. Asa Candler obtained the formula and patents of Coca-Cola from Pemberton and his associates in 1888. In 1892, Candler purchases the Coca-Cola Company (Coca-Cola Company, 2015). Through the years, the company advertised the Coca-Cola product through different methods. Seven years later, the rights to bottle Coca-Cola was sold to Benjamin F. Thomas and Joseph B. Whitehead by Candler for $1.00. In 1906, Bottling plants opened in Canada, Cuba, and Panama. This was the first time that Coca-Cola was bottled outside the United States. Bottling operation is later expanded the Asia in 1911. In 1919, the Coca-Cola Company started to bottle its products in Paris, France, and Bordeaux, France (Coca-Cola Company, 2015). Due to many counterfeits of the Coca-Cola product, Alexander Samuelson designed the unique shape of the Coca-Cola bottle. The shape of this bottle was patented on November 16, 1915. In 1930, the company created the Coca-Cola Export Corporation in order to market in different countries outside of the United States

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