Market Analysis : Domino's Pizza

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In the real business world, most of the time customer’s demands are rapidly increasing and changing day by day. So, the phrase “The Customer is always right” should be kept in mind while a firm enters in the new market. However, a big retailer needs to do research before expanding its business chain into a new market. Then only those company can survives in the new market economy by producing affordable goods and providing better services that are in demand by customers. Today, ascertaining consumer demand is important for a firm’s future sustainability. Customer focuses are main target of many companies. Consumer needs and requirements are the main drivers of all strategic marketing decisions. Every aspect of a market contribution, including the nature of the product itself is driven by the desire and needs of potential consumers. Similarly, Domino’s Pizza is one of the most popular restaurant chains and international franchises known for pizza and side dishes. It operates business in a highly competitive restaurant industry. For several years, Domino’s pizza has faced tough competition from top food restaurants nationally or internationally. Pizza Hut, Inc., Papa John’s International, Inc., and Caesar Little Enterprises Inc. are strong competitors of Domino’s pizza in the United States. These industries are extremely competitive with respect to price, quality of food, new product development, promotion, advertising, location, customer service and interior looks.

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