Market Analysis: Fragrance

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A) Market analysis: Fragrance 1) The fragrance market

The fragrance market is the major part of the care market. During the 90’s, this market has known a considerable growth. Currently, it might be entering a maturity phase. The perfume market is highly competitive and there are a lot of fragrance houses which are competing for sales. The total global market is over 25 billion Dollars.
Many great fashion designers have entered the market of fragrance (Chanel, Lanvin, Givenchy, Yves Saint‐Laurent, Balenciaga …). After that, the speakers of the cosmetic market launched their own perfumes (Yves Saint Laurent, Estee Lauder) and finally, the family brands made their entry on the market (L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Unilever…). These
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c. Givenchy
In 2009 Givenchy has known an 18% growth of its activity to 319 million of euros.
Chiffre d’affaires 2009 Givenchy : 319 000 000 €

d. Kenzo

2) Outside the LVMH group: e. Chanel f. Armani g. Gucci h. Versace i. Prada 5) Consumer behavior

2.2. The consumers.
The Cosmopolitan fragrance study 2006 gave us some statistics about fragrance female consumers.
2.2.1. Age:
On average, a woman starts wearing perfume at the age of 12. We can identify two big age categories of women:
- Women under 25: These women become more sophisticated in their taste in personal care and want a fragrance that makes them feel attractive and is noticed by others. They are the heaviest fragrances users and are using them more frequently than any other group. They are also more likely to feel stylish, sophisticated, fun or unique while wearing a fragrance. Moreover, they explore different scents and brands. Finally, citrus scented fragrances appeal more to women under 18 years old while flowery or fruity scented fragrances appeal more to women under 25 years old. However, even if these women are using fragrances, they are buying less of it than the other age groups.
- Women between 25 and 49: These women are more likely to wear a perfume to feel “sexy” and to switch fragrances within their collection once a week or more. They know

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