Market Analysis - Sony Bravia

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Sony Bravia
In the Australian Marketplace

“Colour like No Other”

Executive Summary

Introduction Summary:
This report will articulate purchases of the Sony Bravia Television in the Australian marketplace. It will illustrate information to develop an in-depth understanding of the consumers buying habits. The research for this report includes information sourced from the Sony website itself, interpreted and applied to the Australian Marketplace.

Body Summary:
The major findings indicate there are various factors affecting the Australian marketplace. Overcoming a major threat is possible by utilising Sony’s strengths to maintain relevance in the Australian Marketplace.

Conclusion/Recommendation Summary:
It is clear
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Sony Bravia offers ‘Colour like No Other’, implying exclusivity. * Sony Bravia’s typical target audience are consumers who are aware of the company’s material sources and sustainability policies, as well as their not-for-profit work in the community.
Competitive influences: * Samsung, LG and Panasonic are well-known competitors of Sony. Each offering similar applications on televisions. Therefore companies must compete with customer service; this includes warranty lengths, replacement guarantees, prompt repair or replacement, to establish loyal customers. * Whilst cheaper televisions have less features they still appeal to consumers due to the low prices, putting pressure on the larger companies to compete for sales.
Political influences: * The introduction of ‘Minimum wage’ has affected the international employees of Sony working in sweat shops or factories, due to the increase of the minimum wage Sony will have to pay more taxes. In addition, Sony must increase prices of products to maintain a certain profit rate. * Sony large screen televisions cost 30% more in China than they do in Australia. Tariffs on the importation of Sony products manufactured in China which then arrive in Australia help with inflated prices.
* Sony puts particular emphasis on the cultural nature of its consumers. Sony is a premium product with premium prices, and is therefore seen as a

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