Market Analysis : Supply Chain Network

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Today global retailers are managing thousands of vendors and potential millions of individual customer across the world through efficient supply chain network. With worldwide sourcing, diverse merchandise and varied selling formats, supply chain is becoming complex every day. Retailers are wishing to take position in fast moving hugely competitive market must find the right supply chain solutions that will able them to deliver their products to customer at right place and a right time. Retailers always aim for broader product variety , best profitable selling price and lower cost (Hubner and Kuhn, 2012) and are growing vertically by encompassing more logistical functions (Fernie et al., 2010). In this volatile economic environment, retail industries are experiencing with some supply chain issues such as complexity in supply chain network, less practice of effective CSR, waste management, technology upturns and sustainable supply issue etc. These issues are being considering solemnly in order to bring more efficiency in supply chain. Because of inability to get the right products to right place at right time, retailers still losing big amount of revenue though they heavy invested on IT.( e.g. Friend and Walker, 2001; Gruen et al., 2002) The aim of this report is perform a comparative and critical analysis of ALdi and NISA’s (Northern independent supplier network) supply chain strategy and methodologies what they currently practicing. The analysis is purely followed by the
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