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Kazuhiko Konno
Market Analysis
Market Needs
Safe Drinking Water at an Affordable Cost:
Rural areas depend on private wells for drinking water all over the world. These people need safe and clean drinking water at affordable costs. However, if arsenic is in drinking water, it causes liver, lung, gallbladder and skin cancers, as well as nerve system disorders. As the medical research conducted by the University of California Barkley, arsenic increases the chances of liver and lung cancers by 12 times, if six year old children start drinking arsenic in drinking water.
These people need an affordable detection system and devices to remove arsenic. However, there are not 100% reliable and accurate solutions that can be a
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Thus, we need paradigm shift that is an eye opening experience to inform the health risks.
Market Trends
The arsenic contamination in Bangladesh is a serious environmental disaster in human history. Although different national and international organizations are working to provide safe drinking water to the people, there is not enough technology that is economically affordable to exposed people. “So it is an important responsibility to international communities to have a sustainable technology that can save millions of peoples from the suffering and give them safe drinking water sources” (the World Health Organization, August 2012). Fig. 1
The US:
The US is not an exception to arsenic contamination. There are people suffering from health problems arising from arsenic in drinking water in Idaho, Texas, Maine, and New Hampshire in Fig. 2.
However, they can switch to municipal water from private wells, so detecting arsenic should be the first concern rather than removing arsenic from drinking water. This means that as long as they have good detection systems, they can avoid the arsenic influences. Fig. 2
Platte River, Nebraska:
High arsenic concentrations are observed in Grand Island, so northeast of Grand Island, inhabitants near the Platte River switched to city water from private wells. Moreover, public water supplies need to be checked frequently with yearly water
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