Market Analysis: Walt Disney's Hong Kong Park

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There were several critical issues for Disney to launch its new Hong Kong park. The first was to understand the market. The local Hong Kong market is relatively small, but the nearby market in Guangdong Province is 100 million strong. Foreigners also have an easy time getting to Hong Kong, and unlike in the mainland they have no visa issues either.
In addition to understanding the target demographic, Disney needed to understand the other market dynamics. Where it had been successful in Japan, it struggled in Paris. Chinese people are less receptive to foreign cultures than Japanese, though in Hong Kong this is contrasted by a century of British influence. The cultural dynamic is a critical issue that must be addressed.
A final critical issue that needs to be addressed is on the operational side. The park can succeed given operational excellence, but the requirement for large numbers of workers and a high level of training will present a problem for Disney in opening this park.
2. There are several key stakeholders in this park. Loosely, the stakeholders can be divided into two groups internal and external. Internal stakeholders include Disney management, the people in charge of the Hong Kong project, the staff members, Disney shareholders, the Board and the families of employees. There are also several external stakeholders. The SAR government in Hong Kong and the local government will be major stakeholders, since they lobbied hard to bring Disney to Hong Kong and…

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