Market Analysis in Recruitment and Selection

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CHAPTER 4: MARKET ANALYSIS IN RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION Market Analysis & Recruitment Market analysis can be internal and external. The internal analysis is involved with the internal workings of an organization. These are usually in the control of the company. Whilst external analysis involves analysing the world around an organization which generally are usually not in the organization's control; an example of an external market factor is legislation on recruitment or standards of products produced in a company. An organization has no control on law makers however it should be able to adapt to this and still reach its objective of making profits. Using SWOT analysis in researching a market Market analysis involves the identification of factors of SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis can be identified as the; Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in a company or other business enterprise. This type of market analysis is done with the use of the SWOT analysis which enables decision makers in business to strategize and to make more scientific and informed decision in their organization. Such decisions could include decisions with regard to job recruitment and selection as these aspects of human resource are of vital importance to businesses. Recruitment can both be analyzed internally and externally. Internally recruitment would involve the human resource department making decisions whether to recruit certain individual and the methods of recruiting. The
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